AOD Fixed Line Pressure Valve Body


This is the same as our High Performance valve body except the line pressure is fixed. This means TV being out of adjustment will not burn the clutches.



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Please note even with a fixed line pressure design, you still must properly adjust TV linkage to provide proper shift points. The only difference is clutch slippage will not occur due to improper adjustment. Please also note contstant high line pressure will provide a shorter life of your pump and sealing rings over normal variable line pressure. You should consider this valve body for racing or pro street applications. This valve body is available in stock shift pattern or altered shift pattern (PRNO/D21) which allows for greater manual control. You can hold 1st and 2nd gear. Overdrive gear will automatically lock out at wide open throttle. Choose from stages 1-2. Stage 2 is a hard tire chirping shift (recommended with high stall torque converters). Use stage 1 for stock converters with lock up. Use stage 2 for high performance street/strip with non lock up converters. Specify which stage you prefer and stock or altered shift pattern in the comments box at check out or place your order by phone. If you forget, we will call or email you and ask.

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Weight 10 lbs