About Us

Broader Performance was first founded in 2000 by Jay Robarge of Dracut, MA. From spending time at New England Dragway in Epping New Hampshire, Jay was involved in helping racers solve their transmission problems. Many people Jay had met would speak poorly of their experiences with transmission rebuilders for high performance applications. At this point Jay saw a need for his knowledge and dedication to the high performance transmission industry. Jay also had a unique knowledge of Ford transmissions which at the time many felt was a rare find in a sea of GM experts. Ever since, Jay has spent countless hours and dollars to build a full service specialty transmission shop with the aid of his wife, loyal friends and customers. Their goal is to perform as much work in house to maximize quality control as well as provide a business who will treat customers in a fair manner and be on the upper end of the industry.

Broader Performance relocated to Weatherford Texas in 2005. Presently, we are a true custom shop dedicated to providing high quality products at a reasonable cost. We do not rush jobs out the door or skip steps just to save time. If you are looking for something fast and cheap, please keeping searching. If you are looking for custom quality work then you are at the right place. We do not use cheap labor to do any critical assembly and always try to use high quality USA made products in our shop.