Torque Converters

As well as providing our customers with custom built transmissions, it is just as important to have a custom built converter. All of our torque converters are built to your exact vehicle’s specifications. We will take all of the critical information on your complete drive train and vehicle application before any work will begin. We feel this is the best way to ensure that your vehicle performs correctly the first time. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of proper converter selection.

Most of us feel that factory advertised stall speed ratings are confusing and unhelpful in many situations. Let our expert technical staff help you make the right choice. Any modifications to your engine can greatly change the requirements of your torque converter. Having the improper converter can and will lead to poor acceleration and driver discomfort. All of our custom converters are fitted with roller bearings as well as other modifications to ensure strength and reliability. All of our torque converters are built in house to high quality standards. We check the run out of ALL converters before we ship to be within .005 TIR. We do not just check a few out of 100 like high production shops. We also electronically balance our converters to provide vibration free operation.