Our goal is to provide the finest quality transmissions. We also try to spend YOUR money wisely by using parts and modifications that have been proven to work and avoid things that look or sound cool and do not perform. We also do not use cheap labor to assemble and build transmissions in our shop like most. You will also be in direct contact with the builder of YOUR transmission should you have questions or problems. We do not use a “salesman” to provide technical support for our products. Your transmission will be tested on a 550 HP dynamometer to ensure proper operation whenever possible. We are also able to simulate a 4000 lb car with a hydraulically controlled load. Only after your transmission passes this rigorous test it will be delivered to you. We do not rush jobs out the door and skip steps. We take the time and effort to make your transmission look and perform as expected. We also ask questions and build your transmission for YOU and not grab something off the shelf. We are a true custom shop.