AOD 12″ 2200 Stall Torque Converter Non Lock Up


AOD 12″ 2200 high stall torque converter non lock up.

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This is a 12″ factory style torque converter with approximately 2000-2200 stall speed. We have eliminated lock up in 3rd and 4th gears within the converter by combining the 2 input shafts within the converter. This will increase load capacity on any AOD and helps prevent lock up shaft breakage. This feature will also reduce engine rpm drop between the 2-3 shift. This a popular upgrade to any AOD for high performance street or strip use. This is a good choice for mildly modified engines up to aproximately 450 horse power in street and strip applications. If you have more power please see our Forged and Billet series torque converters.

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