AOD 10 1/4″ Billet Series Torque Converter 31 Spline Input Shaft


AOD 10 1/4″ Billet Series Torque Converter with 31 spline input shaft. Will yeild better effieciency for 1/4 mile use, large cubic inch engines and heavy vehicles than typical 9.5″ converters.


This is our top quality Billet series torque converter for use with our 1 piece input shaft transmssions. We can build it for approximately 2200-4000 rpm stall speeds. We will need your vehicles specs in order to build. This converter feautres full roller bearings, fully TIG welded fins, heavy duty sprag and stator assembly, extra thick billet cover and extra large balloon plate. For non lock up applications only. Suitable for up to approximately 1000 horse power applications.

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Weight 30 lbs