C6 750HP Transmission Street/Strip Small Block


This unit is suitable for heavily modified engines up to approximately 750 horse power. Scroll down for more build info.

4×4 version add $75

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This unit is suitable for heavily modified engines. Several upgrades including 5 clutch forward drum, 5 clutch direct drum, 5 clutch low/rev clutch, high strength rev hub, Carbon/Kevlar band, oiling system improvements, #9 needle bearing kit and performance shift improvers. Direct drum modified for high rpm with anti-rotation spring retainer (stops springs from wrapping up) and high speed bleed orifice (prevents clutch apply in 1st). Forward clutch drum piston is modified to help prevent disc spring failure and clutch pack blow out with higher line pressures. (allows use of higher line pressures and reduces loss of forward gears). F ratio servo lever and matching servo. Choose from stages 3-5

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Weight 135 lbs